Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Moro And Vegeta Vs Moro As The Final Battle In The Dragon Ball Super Manga?

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 64 reveals the beginning of Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Moro as we near Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 65 but will Goku finally be able to finish the job against Moro and end him once and for all or will Moro find a way to overcome and beat Goku with an unseen plan that he has brewing while Goku is wasting time? Will Vegeta step up to negate anything Moro does to stop Goku? Will anyone else get involved to fight Moro? Gohan Vs Moro? Piccolo Vs Moro? Majin Buu Vs Moro if he returns? Will Vegeta Vs Moro lead Vegeta to Victory? Will we possibly see Beerus Vs Moro? Be sure to subscribe for more daily Dragon Ball Content!
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  1. UnrealEntGaming


    پیش ماه

    ✔️ Dragon Ball Super Manga Playlist Link ➥ bit.ly/2IwPKhh 🔹 ULTRA INSTINCT GOKU DESTROYS MORO! Moro Begs For His Life Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 64 Review ➥ bit.ly/32KyaPM 🔹 An Unexpected Ending To Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Moro Dragon Ball Super Manga? ➥ bit.ly/3iSt4qy

    • Tony Pham

      Tony Pham

      پیش ماه

      @Jullie Chinyama that would be some thing db heroes would do but sure

  2. Phe Xolani

    Phe Xolani

    پیش 25 روز

    Goku is unstoppable in his perfected mui all i know is that he can't be defeated no ways something is going to happen but him defeated no ways in a million times

  3. Joshua Rogers

    Joshua Rogers

    پیش 26 روز

    6:14 😭

  4. Alex Malone

    Alex Malone

    پیش 27 روز

    vegeta could interupt and insist on fighting moro b4 goku

  5. Brian Huang

    Brian Huang

    پیش 29 روز

    wait what if moro actually copied merus's power from the previous chapter

  6. DarkChaos Paladin

    DarkChaos Paladin

    پیش ماه

    I think goku says let me fight as an earthing because there may be super saiyan form to "his" mui

  7. Tyler Rupert

    Tyler Rupert

    پیش ماه

    According to Dragon Ball Wikia Vegeta's forced spirit fission can undu fusions and absorption. I feel like him staying down this long is more of a calculated strategy. I feel like Moro gems will eventually break, Vegeta will force the defusion and you will see him go back to old weaker Moro

  8. Sky Jor

    Sky Jor

    پیش ماه

    The other guy is right though it's hard to say a twist will happen because of how powerful MUI Goku is even Moros missing hand can't sneak up on MUI Goku simply because he will sense it coming the only possible way Moro wins this is if There is a time limit on MUI and Goku losses all that power which would again shift the balance of power to Moro's favor again

  9. Almighty Wiz

    Almighty Wiz

    پیش ماه

    They might give vegeta a senzu bean then he uses instant transmission behind Moro & finishes him for the w

  10. ashwin raj

    ashwin raj

    پیش ماه

    Anyway Moro can MUI?

  11. Kelle Smith

    Kelle Smith

    پیش ماه

    I think goku is going to let moro live since the galactic police said he was to die. Goku will beat him at every punch and attempt to attack and ask moro to give up his ways. Maybe moro relents but then sneak attack someone and kill them. Causing goku to snap.

  12. Dark Reallyon

    Dark Reallyon

    پیش ماه

    Moro will grab vegeta new ability the guy trapped in majinn buu will come back also and nd so on end game should be they get broly to whoop moro then wish everythg back from zen chan 🤷🏿‍♂️

  13. Tommy Hohenstatt

    Tommy Hohenstatt

    پیش ماه

    My opinion is that you guys hit some really good points and I agree about merus vs Moro and goku vs Moro. What else can Moro do to beat goku?!

  14. ConectionKing


    پیش ماه

    Goku gonna drop down to saiyan, and get absorbed.

  15. Longsandwich BLT

    Longsandwich BLT

    پیش ماه

    Nobody: Not 1 person : Goku: here moro take this senzu bean you’ll need it

  16. Raymond Chang

    Raymond Chang

    پیش ماه

    Goku said he was going to fight him as an "Earthling", so it could be he will power down to base form and fight Moro that way, but that would be a huge mistake as Beerus mentioned that this is bad. Moro could easily fool him and still absorb his energy crystal or not, because he didn't have problems absorbing energy before absorbing 3's ability. I think Goku may end up being in trouble because since he is planning to power down and Moro will trick him and overpower him

  17. Big Rayne Green

    Big Rayne Green

    پیش ماه

    Next story: Goku and Vegeta take a trip to the alternate saiyans planet to finally meet everyone and finish training Caba, Kalifla, and Kale, and then they solve a quick and simple issue there whilst meeting the alternate version of master rossi and killin Who end up being stronger than their counter parts Krillin has hair like in GT And Roshi is always in his buff form here. And then as they continue their trip They get a intergalactic message from Bulma via Whis, and it is about the invasion of earth by demons. Back on earth we jump back to a bit earlier Where someone who resembles Deborah and two henchmen have arrived on earth Turns out it is his Brother, And the one who truly claims the king of demons He comes looking for Babbidi But is baffled when he runs into a Nicer, No master having. Majin Buu, who he has only heard stories of. Noticing the garb, he assumes the wizard is still with him and he and his two demons he is with follow buu back to his "master" and where buu brings them to Hercule. But hercule knows no better and just assumes they are more friends. Hercule does something dumb, and mentions how they are lucky buu is even nice and they they were able to defeat the evil buu along with that "tiny magic man." And Deborahs brother , confused, asks of his brothers whereabouts and finds out he's dead. Through some weird back and forth questioning of buu. Enraged at the news. He spits at buu to turn him to stone, and buu dodges. It hits Hercule and as he changes, buu, confused. Freaks out. Which alerts Gohan, Piccolo and Goten, who were training not to far from there. Realizing it is Buu powering up. They take off. As they get close they sense a familiar power All three of them Instantly think back to that moment where piccolo was turned to stoned And with a hardened look They all speed up They get close and Gohan arrives first instantly seeing Hercule and kicks DB through the wall and piccolo grabs the other two demons with one stretched arm and then demon bomb grenades them and per Gohan's instructions, Goten grabs Hercule in the smoke and confusion and takes him to safety. And also heads out to go tell bulma and trunks. (Which is when she found out and originally started to contact whis to tell vegeta and goku) trunks and gotten, excited for the drama, rush back out towards the danger, despite Bulmas expected pleas against it. Flash back to Hercukes mansion And piccolo is getting smashed through a wall As buu screams "BUU TURN YOU INTO CANDY!!!!!" Trying his best to hit the red demon who chose to face him. A purple demon flies pass them towards the airborne piccolo. And we see Gohan is transforming whilst in a full fisted clench lock with DB. To Be Continued... lol I just wrote this in one sitting and I gotta get back to work lmaoooo Might share this on the other pages too tho haha I kind of like this

  18. ykcir carrick

    ykcir carrick

    پیش ماه

    You know what? At this point im routing for Moro fawk the saiyans they bsn

  19. dupree colony

    dupree colony

    پیش ماه


  20. mavstores Airville

    mavstores Airville

    پیش ماه


    • Austin Payne

      Austin Payne

      پیش ماه

      Honestly I think he had several good points.

  21. ADKO VlOGS


    پیش ماه

    Having one question to db manga creator? Why gohan didn't raged when goku probably died in the tournament of power? If he raged what will come for jiren!!? In top

  22. mason haidar

    mason haidar

    پیش ماه

    So is this manga?

  23. LOS SUNS


    پیش ماه

    This is the case we’re he’s doing to many but there’s more senecio. Should just ended it with goku killing him I love vegeta but no reason to get him involve now. If they do I think is fan service just so we can say vegeta did something

  24. kasper kasper

    kasper kasper

    پیش ماه

    When is merno conming back

  25. Leo Saint Rowdy

    Leo Saint Rowdy

    پیش ماه

    Someone goku loves wil die and he will be enraged losing MUI because he can't control his emotions....Whis kept talking about gokus emotions....if he loses control of his emotions then vegeta will have to help...

  26. VetteD SiN

    VetteD SiN

    پیش ماه

    once beerus said "i dont have a good feeling about this" you already know moro is gonna one-up goku.

  27. Trident Plays

    Trident Plays

    پیش ماه

    Background music ?

  28. Nate Colvin

    Nate Colvin

    پیش ماه

    Ight we got over the like goal with the last merno chapter I need the new one

  29. courtjestersc46


    پیش ماه

    I feel your pain Emosh lol But its funny as hell listening to you lose your shit lolol Dragon Ball has too dope of a potential to be frustrating people this much

  30. TheCanMan Can Since 1990

    TheCanMan Can Since 1990

    پیش ماه

    $WVE short squeeze of the year dont miss your golden 🎟

  31. TheCanMan Can Since 1990

    TheCanMan Can Since 1990

    پیش ماه

    $WVE short squeeze of the year dont miss your golden 🎟

  32. Chakir


    پیش ماه

    Man, it will be epic if Goku UI use hakai against Moro to kill him in front of Beerus and Whis. The face of Beerus lol.

  33. Aaron Pene

    Aaron Pene

    پیش ماه

    Toyo have pretty made Goku out to be mortal. Being that untouchable. Which is surely able to top the gods. Like how much more powerful can you make him before matching or overtaking the Omni kings or grand priest.

  34. Sage Mode Pikachu

    Sage Mode Pikachu

    پیش ماه

    "Hé has Mastered it, no argument there". NO THE FUCK HÉ DIDN'T. If you an Ollie twice. Does that mean you mastered it. Let's use kiaoken. When goku first use kiaoken it would completely destroy his, body. Now he can, use kiaoken x20 with very little side effects.

  35. Aaron Pene

    Aaron Pene

    پیش ماه

    I also don’t get how Gokus flick of the wrist pretty much near ended him. But then you see Goku holding moro in the air then putting a BIG effort into upper cutting him and it doesn’t kill him? You’d think that uppercut would be enough to destroy a planet. When A FLICK of the wrist could do that much damage. LOL? And now Toyotaru is going to be putting their universe at risk again. May as well make up some crap and have Hercule being the actual savvier.

  36. I'm Nothing

    I'm Nothing

    پیش ماه

    3:50 who has done this art work ? Where did it come from ?

  37. Break the Limits

    Break the Limits

    پیش ماه

    probably Moro still has an ace up his sleeve, and it is the arm that Merus cut him with the angelic staff, there is still a gem attached and with that he could still steal the ultra instinct from goku or have taken the power of Merus !!!

  38. King Flourisher

    King Flourisher

    پیش ماه

    Yo get this guy tf off this video. He sucks. He’s literally showing he can’t think of anything deeper than what’s shown at face value.

  39. Harsha Garric

    Harsha Garric

    پیش ماه

    Does every video on your channel have to be 20 or 30 mins....of bogus...

  40. yisus


    پیش ماه

    There is a manga panel in which moro realise something

  41. King 2202

    King 2202

    پیش ماه

    I just wanna watch the fight......and come back after Goku gets the kill, just to see the reaction.

  42. Richieray04


    پیش ماه

    Vegeta kills Moro with a new move... Meerus comes back... End of.. Or moro detroys the Earth but Whis turns back time.

  43. william miller

    william miller

    پیش ماه

    Would like to see Vegeta master UI before Goku.

  44. JDMBOI7


    پیش ماه

    plot twist: moro sneaks up on beerus and eats beerus. cat goat man vs mui goku

  45. littleindio


    پیش ماه

    Maybe Moro will steal vegeta’s ability of separation or whatever, and separate goku from some deus exmachina(?) idk

  46. Jason Mcloughlin

    Jason Mcloughlin

    پیش ماه

    Your boy is tripping an seems lost mabe if he thinks that way he should make a multimillion dollar anime

  47. voltinator


    پیش ماه

    How come they never explained why Moro couldn't be killed for 10 million years? Didn't they try to execute him and nothing worked? How come Goku suddenly has this ability?

  48. Jay Goku

    Jay Goku

    پیش ماه

    They should find a way to bring in broly

  49. mugene


    پیش ماه

    inbefore he has a 4th gem to copy powers lol

  50. Michael Thole

    Michael Thole

    پیش ماه

    But what if they kill Moro... you still would have a problem... Moro would take all the souls in hell and even king Yama and the kais etc. Killing him would make the problem not go away... you can only lock him up

  51. Victor Herrera

    Victor Herrera

    پیش ماه

    He's gonna try and use a spirit bomb and Moro is going to absorb it and get a power up he's gonna beat him as an earthling that's his ultimate move as an earthling ask the way back to the Sayiajin saga

  52. Michael Morton

    Michael Morton

    پیش ماه

    All I have to say it between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball super is Dragon Ball Z was a lot better all around

  53. J-von Daniels

    J-von Daniels

    پیش ماه

    I wanna see Moro get destroyed by a Final flash 🤩🤩I love that move 😜

  54. Antonio Zermeño

    Antonio Zermeño

    پیش ماه

    I hope whis will throw hands against angel level morro.

  55. The real Greg Mckinley

    The real Greg Mckinley

    پیش ماه

    I bet Buu is going to wake up and do something at the end to help the Zfighters win... just my thoughts🤷🏾‍♂️

  56. Sean Williams

    Sean Williams

    پیش ماه

    What if moro eats vegeta

  57. Tommy Miller

    Tommy Miller

    پیش ماه

    Did you forget that krillin is on his way with sansu beans and if Moro gets his hand on those beans somehow he will regenerate and the crystals will regenerate as well and then he can copy anybody's ability again what do you think about that if you think that that is a good theory please let me know

  58. al


    پیش ماه

    I want to see Goku using Hakai just like he did to Zamasu. It would be epic. Beerus in shock and Whis laughing.



    پیش ماه

    my understanding hear me out kaioken beats the sayains doesn't beat frieza super sayain beats frieza doesnt beat the androids grade 2 does that super sayain 2 beats cell doesnt beat majin buu the point iam trying to make is everytime there is some new form it gets beat in some way by the next villain now i know there are some special case like with vegeta in the sayain saga but for pattern sake i think goku wont beat moro alone i agree with the first guy ( forgot his name ) goku does look unbeatable but the pattern shows that goku wont beat moro 100 percent by himself

  60. Andre Brown Jr.

    Andre Brown Jr.

    پیش ماه

    Moro will copy Ultra Instinct, whoop some ass, Vegeta will then come and use his abilities to remove Ultra Instinct from Moro... then someone will destroy Moro...The End

  61. Abraham Soto

    Abraham Soto

    پیش ماه

    It has always been Goku. Goku and Goku. Vegeta has not been in anything.

  62. Andre Brown Jr.

    Andre Brown Jr.

    پیش ماه

    Somehow, some way, Moro is going to copy Ultra Instinct

  63. Stacey Green

    Stacey Green

    پیش ماه

    Yeah emosh got a point I really agree with him he speaks facts

  64. Xxthe1andonlyxx One

    Xxthe1andonlyxx One

    پیش ماه

    I would blow the planet up

  65. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf

    پیش ماه

    why isnt moro absorb goku lifeforce like he did when they first encounter? he doesnt even need to touch them.

  66. Matt Scholbe

    Matt Scholbe

    پیش ماه

    Totally agree... same old plot. No variation in the story. Still peeved that Vegeta didn’t get the glory and the “transformation” mechanic as a means of plot resolution is overdone. Even if the transformation is being called a “technique”, it’s serving the same old purpose.

  67. St. Scotty Hope

    St. Scotty Hope

    پیش ماه

    I agree with Emosh and his rant. Idk what they are gonna do with dragonball after this. Is it just gonna be MUI for now on for any threat? Is it just gonna be more repeated storylines to appeal to kids and devalue the characters and their development. Emosh seems to understand the frustration a lot of us have.

  68. Alex ander

    Alex ander

    پیش ماه

    Goku and Vegeta should take a break, sit back and relax. Let Piccolo, Gohan, the androids and Tien find a way to win. Put an end to the Goku and Vegeta show.

  69. kusha kizz

    kusha kizz

    پیش ماه


  70. Alex Perez

    Alex Perez

    پیش ماه

    Vegeta: no mames guey! While on english dub.

  71. MYSTIC_ GOAT123


    پیش ماه

    they could fuse

  72. Za Baka

    Za Baka

    پیش ماه

    This is exactly why I like anime dragon ball z goku he learned after frieza that he can’t just try to save the bad guys instead if he realized if they can’t change just kill them

  73. Purp3L


    پیش ماه

    There continuity thing where Goku spares all villains. So kinda hard to take your criticisms to heart. Like yamcha and the pig. When you realize all of his friends were evil at some point it gives you a new perspective. With that in mind, I can excuse some of the downsides of the manga.

  74. Ben Tucker

    Ben Tucker

    پیش ماه

    What should have happened is goku just about to beat Moro before 73 . Then moro does the same thing he did to vegeta but to goku and absorbed 73. And then Moro destroys goku . Meerus shows up and destroys moro73’s crystals and meerus properly disappears. Vegeta shows up almost as strong as mui goku and kills Moro with his technique. This would be good

  75. Ultra Godzilla

    Ultra Godzilla

    پیش ماه

    Goku is an idiot...more news at 11

  76. Michael Thole

    Michael Thole

    پیش ماه

    Omg I get it... but you’re way to negative bro...

  77. Ricky Howe

    Ricky Howe

    پیش ماه

    Tbh it would be more shocking if goku actually finished him then anything else.

  78. Lee MVP

    Lee MVP

    پیش ماه

    Frieza should make his return, be the guy who freed moro in the first place..helped him return his power

  79. LeLu Buds

    LeLu Buds

    پیش ماه

    Goku just stupid and vegeta should have got m.u.i. first the writer's very selfish with just goku y not gohan or another saiyan .

  80. LegoPostMalone


    پیش ماه

    The title should be Emosh bitches about Dragon ball super

  81. Mr Moon

    Mr Moon

    پیش ماه

    “sUcH a ChAd”

  82. Patrick Carr

    Patrick Carr

    پیش ماه

    It’s pointless to even have Moro healed in anyway at this point he just gonna get trashed again ☠️

  83. SavageGold Games

    SavageGold Games

    پیش ماه

    We got Dragon Ball Heroes

  84. subho biswas

    subho biswas

    پیش ماه

    @UnrealEntGaming Did you remember now even your friend said admittinglast its now I won from my side when that moment I've said about those hedgehog people who are capable of doing warp portal like merno anyways I was on pre assumption from the early scenario logically...and now after everything I've seen this much even this time gokus stamina will be his demise coincided with the fact boiled up from full hope without proper tranquility balance it's impossible again might be it's gonna be a fusion either way altogether defeating moro together or someone unknown in battle entrance as of great lord of lords grand kai or beerus might get pissed off he is hungry and savagely hakaing moro on the spot or broly either jiren came to pay a visit to the z warrior defeating them once and for all anything can happen we don't work at toie so all we can do is assuming and obviously observation submissively...

  85. Herb Master

    Herb Master

    پیش ماه

    "i fight with my friends" "finish him NOW" "Vegeta's about hard work" smh recycled writing surplus

  86. Enter Name

    Enter Name

    پیش ماه

    Goku is an absolute chad.

  87. Siyabonga Patrick

    Siyabonga Patrick

    پیش ماه

    Best entry song/theme song , got myself watching it all over again wow

  88. C C

    C C

    پیش ماه

    Meris was holding back big time and was selling it to trick goku into this transformation. Meris is not gone it was part of his training.

  89. Herb Master

    Herb Master

    پیش ماه

    cant have a decent story with a simple victory. so how will UI goku get cucked again?

  90. Brad Calhoun

    Brad Calhoun

    پیش ماه

    Yeah. While Goku 🐂💩n , Vegeta finna steal this Kill.

  91. HarleenFQuinn


    پیش ماه

    i have 2 things to say. first: what if moro unlocks MUI on his own? second: vegeta told piccolo he could seperate all namekians in him, right? time doesnt play a key factor what if the one who talked wasnt moro or 73? so could it be that 73 wasnt the first one who got eat? sorry for my bad english. :) have a good night.

  92. UnknxwnDeo


    پیش ماه

    Unrelated but, I wanna see you in the ring again mannn

  93. Mark Hanson

    Mark Hanson

    پیش ماه

    Why them bother make goku Mui if him ago lose

  94. Mark Hanson

    Mark Hanson

    پیش ماه

    Goku not burning up the energy

  95. IxLIKExPIEx420 x

    IxLIKExPIEx420 x

    پیش ماه

    Moro is sitting in the ground waiting drawing in energy and he's going to pop up in Sage Mode

  96. Shokugeki


    پیش ماه

    I just think it’s time for them to end this arc already it went on long enough. No more cliffhangers I hope

  97. Johnnyblack3 Reviews

    Johnnyblack3 Reviews

    پیش ماه

    So now that goku is OP we should shift our sights to the z fighters. Maybe that’s where the story will take a turn. To many hints of the s fighters feeling useless this arch I think we might see a change in what they do because of goku always saving them

  98. Drake Whitfield

    Drake Whitfield

    پیش ماه

    I think a possibility is goku going to get vegeta to nullify all of moros energy to before he has absorbed any energy or characters then re-imprison him or try and reform him

  99. Louis James

    Louis James

    پیش ماه

    I gotta say moro gonna try to trick goku and go grab his other arm the one merus cut off and asborb it and that's when everyone has to jump in the fight including beerus and whis just think about this yall they wouldn't have build up all this intense for nun

  100. tharealdeal19


    پیش ماه

    If goku let’s Moro live I will be pissed