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  1. Cosem


    پیش 5 ثانیه

    Do you makes these yourself?

  2. Johnathan Franklin

    Johnathan Franklin

    پیش 2 دقیقه

    Goku tryna throw hands with Mike Myers now Then Mike still in his base form yeah goku you’re gone need that silver hair for this one

  3. Brandon Barz

    Brandon Barz

    پیش 2 دقیقه

    So Goku went to illinois? Lol

  4. Dimi Arts

    Dimi Arts

    پیش 3 دقیقه

    lmao i mean i can see why michael myers is upset, goku just broke into his house

  5. shadow Moon

    shadow Moon

    پیش 4 دقیقه

    Imagine this animated what in the actualité f

  6. Blazing_Storm777 Dragneel

    Blazing_Storm777 Dragneel

    پیش 7 دقیقه

    I didnt need to see this bullshit

  7. Horror Cult

    Horror Cult

    پیش 11 دقیقه

    Next we need Vegeta vs jason, then after that we need Yamcha to die in his sleep by getting killed by Freddy Krueger

  8. Kenny The Reaper

    Kenny The Reaper

    پیش 12 دقیقه

    Goku turns around and throws him a senzu bean as he flies away

  9. Henry Rodriguez

    Henry Rodriguez

    پیش 12 دقیقه

    Evil Containment Wave lmao

  10. Andre Chambers

    Andre Chambers

    پیش 12 دقیقه

    Love it

  11. vivaraulito


    پیش 14 دقیقه

    I’m sorry but kid goku from dragon ball is enough the destroy Michael Myers lol

  12. Eddie the Trap Gawd

    Eddie the Trap Gawd

    پیش 15 دقیقه

    Idk i really just feel like Goku wouldve stayed to see the fight through and in doing so eventually (accidentally) destroyed mike after seeing mike was essentially indestructible, when in actuality he was only more durable than the average human

  13. EE0818 {IIIESCO-_-}

    EE0818 {IIIESCO-_-}

    پیش 15 دقیقه

    please give us pt 2

  14. john pinkham

    john pinkham

    پیش 17 دقیقه

    very interesting spooky story goku meet his match with michael myers

  15. Matthias Kalweit

    Matthias Kalweit

    پیش 20 دقیقه


  16. •void•


    پیش 21 دقیقه


  17. Nik petrev

    Nik petrev

    پیش 21 دقیقه

    Myers is too weak, goku could jusy flick him and disintegrate him. Lost oportunity to make one with freddie going after goku in his dream.

  18. Jesús Fonseca

    Jesús Fonseca

    پیش 22 دقیقه

    this was fantastic 🤣🔥 loved it, something that Made me think, what if in the next round of Goku vs Michael Myers, Michael shows an aura of true Darkness or something like that, that challenges Goku... Idk i'm imagining too much stuff but it would be cool ngl.

  19. Noshed


    پیش 23 دقیقه

    Ayyyee! This was nice no doubt but you should do a freddy one in the dream realm lol the possibilities 😆 🤣freddy doing a special beam or something

  20. danon williams

    danon williams

    پیش 27 دقیقه

    Lord beerus vs Freddy curger

  21. Static Wulf

    Static Wulf

    پیش 27 دقیقه

    Goku vs Michael Myers? Now iv seen everything

  22. Perfect Cell

    Perfect Cell

    پیش 27 دقیقه

    Hahhahaha what the hell I didn’t expect this

  23. lauoletolo Iulio

    lauoletolo Iulio

    پیش 28 دقیقه

    If he came across the immortal version of Mayer’s he wouldn’t win. You can’t win against a guy who is immortal

    • lauoletolo Iulio

      lauoletolo Iulio

      پیش 2 ثانیه

      @Michael Everett yea when he faced Zamasu

    • Michael Everett

      Michael Everett

      پیش 2 دقیقه

      Yeah, Goku learned that the hard way.

  24. True OG

    True OG

    پیش 31 دقیقه

    Next time freddy krueger in gokus dreams 😂



    پیش 32 دقیقه

    Goku VS Stephen King, Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Eli Roth.

  26. Josepch Will

    Josepch Will

    پیش 33 دقیقه

    I somehow see them pulling another ROF.

  27. Clara Mcclendon

    Clara Mcclendon

    پیش 35 دقیقه

    Knifes can’t hurt goku

  28. Thomas Walker

    Thomas Walker

    پیش 36 دقیقه


  29. GTGaming 69

    GTGaming 69

    پیش 37 دقیقه

    Imagine vegeta against Michael Myers

  30. Jacob Weatherford

    Jacob Weatherford

    پیش 38 دقیقه

    After seeing this I kinda wanna see a villain that is like how goku described Micheal myers.

  31. TDaniel


    پیش 39 دقیقه

    Lol people forget Michael Myers has the perfect counter to UI. He always appears behind his opponents out of nowhere.

  32. Gogeta SSGGSS

    Gogeta SSGGSS

    پیش 39 دقیقه

    When did Micheal Myers get God Ki?!?!?!

  33. Mclovin


    پیش 40 دقیقه

    As expected nonetheless towards the end, but still entertaining though. I thought it was going to end with goku flying back to bulma and that man Myers, doing his Myers thing and appeared behind again at bulma place lol.

  34. meloman12


    پیش 40 دقیقه

    Isn't dabora basically the devil in dbz. He was stronger than him and I'm sure Michael can't stand up to the devil so he should be easy work for goku.

  35. kanazoe mohsen

    kanazoe mohsen

    پیش 41 دقیقه

    The Cabin in the Woods could be the Ultimate tournament Arc

  36. Miguel Hernandez

    Miguel Hernandez

    پیش 41 دقیقه

    Got to give the artist props for the back of goku’s head 3:38

  37. Kmoney Loven

    Kmoney Loven

    پیش 42 دقیقه

    Michael should not be able to throw goku let alone touch him😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  38. Alden Navongsa26

    Alden Navongsa26

    پیش 42 دقیقه

    What if Michael is a saiyan

  39. Hasan Jaafar

    Hasan Jaafar

    پیش 43 دقیقه

    man goku can just one punch him no need for super saiyan because one super sayian can destroy a planet with one punch man

  40. Hack vs every anime character dbs,naruto,etc

    Hack vs every anime character dbs,naruto,etc

    پیش 43 دقیقه

    micheal myers is the devil goku is an alien

    • Hack vs every anime character dbs,naruto,etc

      Hack vs every anime character dbs,naruto,etc

      پیش 30 دقیقه

      goku is more like satan

  41. BenecraftB


    پیش 43 دقیقه

    If it was the immortal version goku would just use the mafuba



    پیش 43 دقیقه

    Goku meets Michael Myers who ever would of thought 💭

  43. Connor Terry

    Connor Terry

    پیش 45 دقیقه

    Bro truly they just used cell and pain as absorbing narutos sage chakra and not knowing how to use it is the same as this if u think about it. And cell and goku before gohan or vegeta and almostboerfect

  44. Solo son

    Solo son

    پیش 45 دقیقه

    How week is this Goku can't even deal with Michael Myers or is this the strongest version of Michael Myers ever

  45. Hasan Jaafar

    Hasan Jaafar

    پیش 47 دقیقه

    michael myers must be scared because he will be the victim of goku

  46. Ayashi Nightcore

    Ayashi Nightcore

    پیش 48 دقیقه

    Goku vs IT would’ve been better



    پیش 48 دقیقه

    You know Goku and the rest would wipe the floor with Michael and Jason and Freddy and the rest right.....

  48. Coola Temple

    Coola Temple

    پیش 51 دقیقه

    Damn this good. Happy Halloween😈🎃🎃🎃

  49. Ultra E

    Ultra E

    پیش 52 دقیقه

    lol I lowkey want this to have a part 2

  50. Savage Hunter

    Savage Hunter

    پیش 54 دقیقه

    Noooo 😂😂😂😂

  51. Mr Banksz

    Mr Banksz

    پیش 56 دقیقه

    Very good, I just feel like Micheal Myers should of slashed gokus t-shirt and then goku finishes him

  52. keygoshima


    پیش 59 دقیقه

    Well with everything I know about goku, it would probably go something like this Goku: Who are you? Why are you trying to attack me? Michael:.... Goku: Not going to answer huh? Michael:.... Goku: Fine have it your way (Punches Michael in the face) Michael: (flies into a wall and disappears) Goku: He's gone? Michael: (reappears and tries stabbing Goku) Goku: (continues to layeth the smackdown on thyne candy ass) Had enough? Michael: (Disappears and reappears due to his cheap 90's live action instant transmission ability but couldn't be shown on the movies due to budget issues) Goku: Hey I learned that on Yardrat you move stealer Michael: (keeps trying to kill goku until he get's beat up too much) Goku: Hey I see you're almost dead there, have a senzu bean so I can keep fighting you Michael: (Tilts his head to the side) Goku: Eat it silly, it will restore your energy Michael: (stops tilting his head and tries to keep killing Goku) Goku: Alright fine, KAAAAA MEEEEEE Michael: (keeps walking towards goku) Goku: HAAAAAA MEEEEEEEE Michael: (tilts his head again at the bright light) Narrator: (Epic dbz music starts playing) Will Goku destroy Michael Myers with a kamehameha blast or will Michael Myers get his kill, find out next time on Beyond Dragon Ball Super!!!!!

  53. Viku Swavy

    Viku Swavy

    پیش 59 دقیقه

    I always default to DBZ whenever something scares me, and now you're telling me Myers can survive strikes from SSJ Goku *and* he can surprise Goku as a SSJ? I'm so fucking done.

  54. Horror Cult

    Horror Cult

    پیش ساعت

    My favorite horror movie is Nightmare own Elm Street part 3 Dream Warriors

  55. Akinola raymond

    Akinola raymond

    پیش ساعت

    *cough* breaks into the house and claim Myers is the bad guy for defending his house against a trespasser *cough*

  56. Manuel Jimenez

    Manuel Jimenez

    پیش ساعت

    Lol this was the dumbest shit

  57. Chris Hess

    Chris Hess

    پیش ساعت

    This was cool and interesting to see. But I gotta say if they wanted to have a somewhat even battle for Goku they should have put him against something from Lovecraft. Or just created something for DBZ with a horror theme.

  58. dave Pettipiece

    dave Pettipiece

    پیش ساعت

    I hated the original nightmare on elm Street and Friday the 13 as a kid

  59. Black326


    پیش ساعت

    This is one I wish I seen as a kid 😂 shit would’ve been legendary to me

  60. Blackfing 797

    Blackfing 797

    پیش ساعت

    Ngl I want another one

    • Blackfing 797

      Blackfing 797

      پیش ساعت

      I liked this manga

  61. Chris Hess

    Chris Hess

    پیش ساعت

    My favorite Halloween movie is the original from 1978. If Goku ever met Michael Myers he would destroy him no question. Michael is nowhere near Goku's level. At most he could annoy Goku like he did here. Halloween to me is just the most creative holiday out there. It's when the writer and the horror fan in me just comes alive.

  62. Mark Hanson

    Mark Hanson

    پیش ساعت

    Grand priest ago come for goku an wis..leaving the others to defend the earth.

  63. J J B J J b

    J J B J J b

    پیش ساعت

    Hey unrealentgaming will you do your top ten dragon ball sagas

  64. OnlyMyOpinion •

    OnlyMyOpinion •

    پیش ساعت

    I enjoy this story and the art style

  65. Christiane Turner

    Christiane Turner

    پیش ساعت

    I'm just waiting on the mk11 DLC with Jason and Michael but no no NO goku no in DLC

  66. natran


    پیش ساعت

    A fun idea

  67. Michael Everett

    Michael Everett

    پیش ساعت

    I wish Michael Myers was in Mortal Kombat.



    پیش ساعت

    A Spirit Bomb Can Destroy Michael Myers Because He Is Pure Evil And Pure Genocide And The Spirit Bomb Has Pure Good And Pure Positive Energy So Goku Can Defeat Him And Eliminate Michael Myers Because Michael Myers Is The Antagonist.

  69. kanazoe mohsen

    kanazoe mohsen

    پیش ساعت

    Ok here is my prediction ( Caution: it's a bit long) -Vegeta think about using his new power on Moro, but at some points cannot separate him because of Moro ( Note: Moro know that if he separate from earth, he's gonna through time.) So, Obviously he gonna use the elements of the planet to defend himself ( Tsunami, Mountain, Storm,etc...) -Goku, then decide to use the Genkidama and take away the energy of the planet (note: it would be cool, but the Genkidama need to take a "Given energy" so I don't know if it gonna work with Moro.) - Now, Goku got a huge Genkidama " who represent the energy of earth" and by doing such he weakens Moro ( who, i recall " fuse with earth's".) - Now, INSTEAD of throwing the Genkidama a Moro ( because like Unreal said" it would be useless!) , he decides to make a trolling face and put that energy away ( i let your imagination decide how is gonna do :) - Now weakens, Vegeta separate Moro weakens and fight him ( but still having the angel power, Vegeta fight him alongside with Goku.) - Finally, ( there two choices for me at the end) Goku and Vegeta finish Moro with or without Boo/anybody OR Moro get "sealed" and allow the author to use him later in the manga ( PS: for those who ask why letting him live, i will say that Dragon Ball like to keep some bad Guys alive IF he/she can end up useful for the story/team Z , Exp: Frieza, Vegeta, or Boo) Then Toriyama pull of "a Togashi" and make the next arc more interesting which could explain why he wanted to finish this one that fast. Thanks you for reaching the end 😌, it's long so I appreciate the effort. If you want to contradict or support my theory, please do so.

  70. Jeremy Mc Alister

    Jeremy Mc Alister

    پیش ساعت

    I actually liked ...COME PLAY in theaters right now!

  71. kaleaf brehanu

    kaleaf brehanu

    پیش ساعت

    this is dope

  72. DKongZ


    پیش ساعت

    Nightmare on Elm Street, doesn't get better. Hey this was dope, I mean to speak in Dragon ball terms Michael Myers is untrained untested untapped potential. In combination with the Halloween magic that he is the unkillable boogeyman, I liked this. It's so like Goku to leave the average human in utter shock by doing something as simple as flying in public and I feel like you captured that shock in Michael Starr at the end. Michael is expressionless but Halloween fans know he always takes time to be curious, sometimes even appreciating his own handy work with a slight head nod*. In Dragon ball terms, Goku pushed Michael to increase his power like never before, keepin up with Super saiyan effortlessly. As Goku would say, imagine if he actually trained. I would have screamed if Michael taught himself to fly in that last panel and was still eerily following Goku home, a new obsession, something he has to kill. It's a good thing Bulma didn't send Yamcha 🤣🤣🤣 Happy Halloween